Asian Common Toad

Latin: Bufo melanostictus
Family: Bufonidae
Order: Anura
English: Asian Common Toad, Asian Black-Spined Toad, Asian Toad, Black-Spectacled Toad
Indonesian: Kodok Rumah, Bangkong kolong, Kodok buduk

Asian Common Toad

Macarthur Palm

The Asian Common Toads are doing well in my garden. In the rainy season they mate and spawn in a little fish pond made from an old car tire. Usually this goes together with a loud toad concert in the evening which can go on for hours. When this happens, I often find the next morning the toad eggs in long transparent strings in the water. Luckily only a part of these eggs develop in tadpoles and young toads.

I was surprised to see the extremely tiny size of the young toads that already left the pond and sometimes can be found in the lawn. In spite of their small size they must be able to catch enough food, whatever that is.

During the dry season the toads are hiding most of the time. Some may appear for a while when I water the garden.


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